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The Ultima Farm is a fascinating opportunity to become a coin producer yourself. In my last article, I made an Ultima Farm review and the background. In this part, we will go into detail. I will explain what Ultima Farming is and show you what you need to consider. Please note that the sales start is between the 7th and 10th of April and some changes may occur.

What is Ultima Farm?

Ultima Farm is a user-friendly program that allows you to produce cryptocurrencies without any technical knowledge. The exciting thing about it is that the previous ways to obtain returns on cryptocurrencies, such as mining or yield farming, are quite complicated for the average user. Ultima Farm, on the other hand, can be purchased and filled with just a few clicks, and everything else happens automatically for you. The farm then generates a fixed monthly token-revenue for you for two years.

By purchasing a farm, you could say you acquire the “licence to print money”. Except that we don’t produce banknotes, but tokens. Specifically, Ultima Tokens. These will launch on the Coinsbit exchange on March 30th. The farming technology has been around for a few years, which means we have the perfect combination of being early adopters and proven technology.

To make sure you don’t miss anything related to this launch and new introductions, register here for free. This will allow me to inform you when there are any updates.

I already gave an overview of the Ultima Token in my last article. Here’s a summary again:

What is the Ultima Token? – Summary

The Ultima is the heart of the Platinworld ecosystem and lives on the Smart Blockchain. With it, you can participate in cashback programs. There are also discounts of up to 90% for services or travel. You can also take advantage of many other benefits that give the token its value. All these benefits are exclusive to Ultima owners. As a producer of these tokens, you are well-positioned to participate in the growth of this ecosystem. Ultimately, you can choose to use the earnings in the ecosystem, or sell them to others who want to use them.

The great demand for all these projects has been proven in the past. Since 2017, over 2 million users have emerged who move within the Platinworld ecosystem and take advantage of the immense benefits of the tokens.

You can also become a part of this community here.

With this growth, the Ultima Token is now a novelty and offers a lucrative chance to build on the proven proof of concept. At the same time, you’re starting at the very beginning when token production begins. The predecessor rose from 10 cents to over 110,000 dollars within half a year, making early adopters very happy. In the following months, there was a major crypto crash, and the decline began. Even with falling curves, the producers could profit because they produced faster than the coin fell. However, this was the birth of Ultima because from this lesson. We learned and built the new system so that, in my opinion, we can look forward to much more stable, long-term growth. If you want to know the details of what was done, check out my previous article, which is about my experiences with the Ultima Farm.

How does Ultima Farm work?

Using UltimaFarm is extremely easy for you as a user. After registering for free, you acquire the farm license. This gives you the right to load a certain maximum amount of Ultima for two years and produce new tokens with a factor of up to 7.2x based on the amount you have loaded into the farm. The Factor decreases, the later you join, the lesser it is. Similar to the Bitcoin halving. The more you fill in and want to multiply, the more you will need to increase your farm limit. 40% of profits must be used for farm extensions, so there is also scarcity created and you can benefit from the compounding effect.

To make this step as simple as possible for you, you don’t have to deal with wallets or apps. Instead, you can simply fill the farm in your account by purchasing a specific ultima farm package. From that moment on, the profits will begin to enter your account monthly, so you can choose to sell, use, or freeze them again to produce even more.

What should I consider with Ultima Farm?

Even though everything is kept simple, we are still talking about crypto in the end. That means massive potential and possible multiplication upwards, but also complete loss downwards. NEVER use more money than you are willing to lose to be in the crypto market, even if it is tempting.

To reduce this risk to a minimum, the project does everything in their power to do so. This includes measures such as the Responsibility Index. This regulates the extent to which the profits go into the market. In stable price phases, the produced tokens are paid out immediately, and in volatility phases, the payouts are postponed. This supports that the price does not fall below a solid minimum. Same rules for everyone, so no one can take advantage of others.

What is the Ultima Farm Responsibility Indicator?

The Ultima Farm Responsibility Indicator is a powerful tool to decrease the issuance of new Ultima Token if the price falls below a certain level. It encourages the whole community to follow a good strategy and comply with a set of rules for the benefit of everyone.

Ultima Farm

As you can see in the picture, there are 50 levels that the Ultima Prize will gradually climb. Right after the start, we are at this first level. As long as the Ultima Prize is above $10,500, you can withdraw and sell the full yield of your farm (the 60% that is not reinvested). Make sure to stay within the price range specified for the level.

Because if the price falls below $10,500, then everyone in the whole community has to lock away or freeze half of their monthly yields for 3 years. After that, they will be released of course. If you do this, your account will automatically turn green for the next month, meaning you can withdraw and use/sell a full month’s yield. If you don’t, future yields from your farm will automatically be frozen for 3 years. It is therefore clear that it is more worthwhile to play by the rules.

If the price falls into the red zone, 100% of one month’s yield must be frozen according to the same rules.

The Ultima Farm Responsibility Indicator ensures several positive things:

  1. The price is immensely stabilized. In the first step, constructive cooperation of the community is expected (never sell/list below the minimum value). In the second step, this is enforced by scarcity so that the price can recover.
  2. Those who have no idea about crypto can make a plan of when and how much to sell at which level, and thus focus more on the planned stages of growth than on the roller coaster that crypto otherwise offers. This is a valuable tool for newcomers to detach themselves from emotional trading and develop a healthy strategy.
  3. If the price rises in good phases, it is locked down by reaching a new level.
  4. Even if you would have many red months – freeze one month, the next is green. This means that over the course of 24 months, you can withdraw at least 12 monthly yields.

Planning Ultima Farming – Plan for 5 years, be happy if it comes earlier.

So, you buy a licenseand fill it (in small steps or all at once), and from the moment of filling it, it produces its profits for 2 years. If everything goes perfectly, you theoretically have all the profits out within two years. 7x within two years is impressive! If you hit all the red months, you’ll still have one years yield secured.

If we take a conservative approach, there will surely be one or more freeze months. Remember, freeze months support the price and they’ll guarantee you will have a payout month in the following month. This means you have a good portion of the profits after two years (it only takes 3 payout months to get the loaded tokens back), and the rest after 2+3 years.

Therefore, my advice according to Kostellany, to be able to sleep well: Plan for 5 years. Expect to set it up, put it under your pillow for 5 years, and then enjoy the outcome.

If everything goes as expected and you get your tokens back or even more within 6-12 months – even better. Then you’re playing with house money, can use Ultima in the ecosystem and all its benefits, and have free Ultima to throw into a new round of farming.

I prefer to take a long-term approach because short-term fluctuations in crypto almost always disappear for the better when you extend the time horizon to 3-5 years.

Please understand this as a best practice for crypto in general, not as financial advice. This article serves only for educational purposes for the correct use of Ultima Farm and is part of my comprehensive training package for anyone who uses my link to register. But ultimately, it’s always your decision what you do. I see that you are already doing your own research by being here and reading this article 🙂

Who is Ultima Farm suitable for?

Ultima Farm is suitable for beginners who want benefit from the advantages of the crypto world. They get a simple and proven program, without being technical nerds. With low entry barriers, great things can already be achieved with a small budget. The Ultima Farm’s referral program also offers fantastic opportunities for extra income – because what could be easier to recommend than up to 90% off travel?

It is also suitable for experienced crypto holders who want to diversify. While most cryptos tend towards anarchy and DAO, there is a company behind Ultima that can define the legal framework with regulators. This opens up new usage possibilities in many areas. Yes, Ultima is different – and that’s exactly how risk diversification works, finding things that are different.

If this appeals to you, it’s time to register for free here. In the next article, I will explain how you can buy your Ultima Farm with this tutorial and start using it for yourself.

After reporting on the Ultima Farm, I received some questions about the UltimaFarm. I take this as an opportunity to compile the most frequently asked questions here and provide an answer catalog. Of course, I am always happy to receive suggestions. If you have a question that is not answered, use the comment field at the end of the article to submit your question.

Ultima Farm FAQ

Although the UltimaFarm is a new product line, it draws on experience with the PLCU Farm, which is the previous model. So many points are already clarified in advance. Many questions are also clarified when reading the other articles about the UltimaFarm.

Is UltimaFarm safe?

As a decentralized blockchain solution, the Ultima Farm is inherently secure. Through smart contracts, you can transparently see the upcoming yields. The UltimaFarm dashboard enforces 2-factor authentication to ensure a high level of security.

However, keep in mind that by using the UltimaFarm, you are relying on the Ultima Token, which, like any other crypto token, is subject to fluctuations. The technology is secure. But to take advantage of the opportunities in crypto, you must also be willing to tolerate these fluctuations. The project has done everything with the Responsibility Indicator to reduce these fluctuations to a healthy level.

Ultimafarm – is it legit?

With an almost 7-year-old company behind it that has established itself in the crypto market, this question is easily answered. With voluntary compliance measures such as KYCs, the company has always proven that they want to operate cleanly in the market. The team and founder Alex Reinhardt have a good reputation, although some do not understand the company’s sales model and therefore portray it as questionable. The growth of the projects is driven by network marketing, and in my opinion, this is one of the strengths of the ecosystem, as targeted growth can only happen with a strong sales-force.

Is UltimaFarm a scam?

In crypto, as in network marketing, 99% of companies die within 3-5 years. This is often inadequate planning or lack of distribution, especially in crypto. In network marketing, regulators usually shut down illicit companies within 3 years. The Platinworld is beyond this critical phase, so it can be assumed that the business practices are clean. Even if not every plan always works out, you can see that the management is always striving to find a good solution for all parties involved.

The distribution channel, network marketing, has been a legitimate business for 50 years and is a growing industry. However, not everyone knows this. If you need more information, I recommend reading my article on network marketing and fraud.

What is the Ultima Farm price / How much does an Ultima Farm package cost?

The price for using the Ultima Farm varies depending on your needs. The smallest Ultima Farm package costs 110€, and there are hardly any limits upwards. Please note that with the Ultima Farm package, you are buying an empty farm. You then fill it up to the Max Load. You can find the exact package sizes and the current Max Load in your account after registering for free.

What is an Ultima Minter?

Ultima Minter is a synonym for the Ultima Farm. The production process of the coins in the farm is based on Minting – a modified form of Staking. Since the word Minting was more commonly used for farms in the past, older community members also refer to the Ultima Farm as Ultima Minter.

What is UltimaFarming?

UltimaFarming is the process of generating new Ultima in the Ultima Farm by purchasing an Ultima Farm package, filling it with Ultima, and receiving the newly created tokens over 12 months.

How does the UltimaFarm work?

For you as a customer, the farm is very easy to purchase and fill with just a few clicks. You can find a detailed guide on how to buy the Ultima Farm here. Technically, the UltimaFarm is based on Proof of Stake, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to Proof of Work. You freeze tokens in the farm for a set period of time. As a reward, the blockchain produces additional tokens for you. Of course, the amount of tokens issued is defined and included in the calculations for the development of Ultima.

Where can I buy the UltimaFarm?

The Ultima Farm is only available on the website www.ultimafarm.com. After registering, you can see the current conditions and the current state of your Ultima Farm in your account. I have also written a detailed guide on how to buy the Ultima Farm to support you.

Questions about the Ultima Token

The Ultima Token is an important core element of the Ultima Farm. Therefore, there is naturally a lot to know about it, even if you don’t necessarily need to know all the technical details to use it. You also use Wi-Fi without being able to build it yourself 😉

What is Ultima?

An Ultima is a unit of the Ultima Token. As the main token of the Platinworld ecosystem, Ultima is the primary currency in all projects there. As the exchange token of the ULTIMEX Exchange, traders receive discounts on their fees by holding Ultima. After an initial issue of 20,000 Ultima, the only way to produce new Ultima is by using an Ultima Farm.

On which blockchain is Ultima and the UltimaFarm based?

Ultima is the first token on the Smart Blockchain, whose main coin is SMART. This chain is also a brainchild of Platinworld but can also develop beyond that. As a decentralized, EVM-capable chain, any crypto project can basically connect to the chain and use its advantages. This brings additional stability, regardless of the network marketing.

Is Ultima a coin or a token?

Ultima is a token. A coin is a token with its own blockchain. The Ultima lives on the Smart Blockchain of the Smart Coin. This means that for every Ultima transaction, you use Smart to pay the transaction fees.

When will Ultima rise?

No one can accurately predict when the price of a token will rise or fall as this is subject to supply and demand. Generally speaking, however, it can be assumed that as a token’s usage increases, so does its value. More people hold the token in their wallet, exchange account, or freeze it for some benefits. This reduces the number of tokens in the market, and this scarcity ultimately leads to increased price formation. A novelty in the crypto market with Ultima is that the produced tokens are regulated and slowed down by the so-called Responsibility Indicator when the price falls below certain limits.

Is Ultima safe?

To assess the technical security of a token, audits by experienced and trustworthy companies are required. The project is committed to delivering these as quickly as possible. Because the Ultima is being created by an experienced team with good blockchain engineers and good intentions, there is an additional safety net as any security gaps can be closed quickly.

Experience with Platinworld has shown that all products have been delivered cleanly so far, so I expect the same for the Ultima Token.

How much is an Ultima worth?

Ultima starts at 10 cents on 7th of April, 2023. Once listed on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap, I will link the current price here.

How does Ultima work?

The function of Ultima is to be used or frozen for benefits, discounts, or cashback. To increase your Ultima, you can use an Ultima Farm. Initially, there will be user-friendly mobile wallets from Platinworld. Later, the classic wallets of the crypto world will also be added.

How good is Ultima?

If you want to know the future, look to the past. The PLCU started at 10 cents in December 2022 and shot up to $113,000 within 6 months. Then the price fell due to calculative problems, which were identified and solved with Ultima. Ultima starts with the same conditions but with a larger community, more demand, and a clean calculation. You can learn more about this in my Ultima Farm review.

Where can I buy Ultima? Where is Ultima traded? Where is Ultima listed?

Ultima will be listed on Coinsbit.io on March 30. Shortly thereafter, it will also be available on the ULTIMEX Exchange, where it is the primary exchange token. I will announce or list further exchange listings here in my blog at the appropriate time.

How many Ultima Coins are there?

At the beginning, only 20,000 Ultima will be issued. All other tokens will be produced exclusively through the Ultima Farm. Calculatively, the maximum number is 11,000,000 Ultima, with many components of the Platinworld ecosystem burning Ultima, so the final number will be much smaller.

Any questions about the Ultima Farm?

I hope this overview has helped you better understand the Ultima Farm. If you have any further questions on the topic, please feel free to leave me a comment with your question about the Ultima Farm.

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