Platin world FAQ

Platin World FAQ

Platinworld FAQ

The Platin World is a growing ecosystem in the cryptocurrency market. They take alternative paths that stand out from the market and therefore offer an exciting counterposition to diversification.

In this article, I summarize the most frequently asked questions about Platin World. If something is missing, please write a comment at the end of the article.

Questions about Platin World

Before we go into detail, I want you to understand that Platin World is not “a company” or “a project”, but rather the umbrella term for a whole range of projects that work together and form an ecosystem.

How long has Platin World been around?

With the first company formation at the end of 2016 and the official start of sales at the end of 2017, Platinworld, then known as PLC/Platincoin, has a history of over 6 years. The vision has always been the same, but many adjustments and optimizations have been made along the way. The cryptocurrency market is fast-paced, and those who do not adapt to new technology or regulations will die.

Who is Platin World? Who is behind Platin World?

The founder of Platin World is Alex Reinhardt. According to the American magazine “Entrepreneur”, he is one of the ten most influential people in the crypto industry. Together with a team of high-caliber experts from the fields of finance, compliance, and sales, he built a multinational corporation with offices in Berlin, Moscow, and Dubai.

It is very exciting to consider that an ecosystem like that of Platin World ultimately creates a framework, but the community of users contributes a large part of the added value. This creates merchant networks, crowdfunding projects, etc. from the community.

Is Platin World legit?

The reliability of Platin World and its founder Alex Reinhardt has been proven several times over the past 6 years. Regular efforts towards compliance, publications about the founder, and hundreds of positive user experiences confirm this.

Is Platin World a scam?

I have been working with the team for 6 years now and know that they always act in the best interest. Like in any startup, progress is a daily struggle of trial and error. Not every decision is the right one, and the real strength of a leader is shown by standing up to mistakes, learning from them, and always finding new ways. Especially in a market like crypto, where regulation is looming, constant adjustments are necessary.

In my opinion, the team masters these challenges with flying colors. The constant effort to comply with regulations BEFORE they arise speaks volumes about the company’s attitude.

Can I make money with Platin World?

Yes. Platin World offers an attractive compensation system for referrals. The multi-level distribution underlying this compensation is called network marketing. You can also speculate on the growth of the ecosystem by buying the SMART tokens of the in-house Smart Blockchain or the Ultima. The Ultima can also be multiplied through Ultima Farm.

What is the Platin World ecosystem?

The Platin World ecosystem lives on the Smart Blockchain. The main token of the ecosystem is Ultima. With this, you can pay for all connected projects to receive attractive discounts, cashbacks, or other gratifications. The connected or planned projects include the crowdfunding platform Platin-Hero, the classified ads platform Platindeal, its own exchange ULTIMEX, a gaming platform, a travel platform, and much more.

How do I register with Platin World?

You can register for free on the website. If multiplying Ultima tokens is relevant to you, then register directly at – in both cases, you will receive the same account, just on the page that is more relevant to you. If you need further assistance in purchasing Ultima Farms, read my guide on buying Ultima Farm.

Questions about the Smart Blockchain

While Ultima is the core of the Platin World ecosystem, the SmartCoin and it’s Smart Blockchain is the network on which everything runs. In addition to the Platin World ecosystem, other projects, companies, and tokens can also be built on the Smart Blockchain, making the chain as a whole stronger.

Is the Smart Blockchain secure?

Yes. As a derivative of the TRON Blockchain, the Smart Blockchain relies on a tried and tested framework that has already withstood all kinds of audits. Of course, with the rollout of the chain, decentralization must be built on many nodes to provide additional security.

What is the Smart Blockchain?

The Smart Blockchain is an Ethereum Virtual Machine – EVM Chain for short. This means that it can be used analogously to Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, and many others. This makes it easy for projects from other chains to migrate to the Smart Chain or to establish a second foothold here.

How good is the Smart Blockchain?

As a derivative of the Tron Blockchain, the Smart Blockchain relies on a powerful backbone that is optimized for transaction speed. Due to the way it was launched, some compliance aspects are addressed that are missing in other chains – verification of holders, decentralization of coin holdings, etc. You can find more information about the Smart Coin and the Smart Blockchain in my article on the topic.

Which wallet do I use for the Smart Blockchain?

Initially, there will likely be a software wallet from Platin World. In the near future, work will also be done on integrating the wallets commonly used in the cryptocurrency market, such as Metamask, Ledger, or similar.

Questions about the predecessors of $SMART

The only way to acquire SMART is through swapping from the older coins of the Platin World ecosystem. This way, the distribution of coins is clearly regulated from the beginning, and there are no excessively large whales on the chain.

What happened to Platincoin?

Platincoin was the first coin of the Platinworld ecosystem. Those who were involved believed in a long-term vision, and now that vision is coming true. As a result, PLC holders now have the opportunity to swap PLC for SMART at a fixed exchange rate.

What is the future of PLC?

PLC can still be increased with existing farms until they expire. Otherwise, there are no practical applications for it. The final step is to swap Platincoin for SMART at an attractive rate and participate in the promised vision.

What is the value of Platincoin?

While the market price of PLC is currently quite low, a PLC can be swapped for 20 SMART within 3 years, or for 50 SMART within 5 years. (Assuming the issue price of 10 cents per SMART, which can of course fluctuate, this is $2 or $5.)

What is the future of PLCU Classic?

If there are still farms, they can be used until the end to produce PLCUC. After that, swapping for SMART is the next step. A PLCUC can be swapped for a PLCU over 5 years. The PLCUC can also be swapped directly for 100,000 SMART over 3 years or for 200,000 SMART over 5 years.

What is the future of PLC Ultima?

If there are still farms, they can be used to generate more PLCU. The PLCU can be swapped for 500,000 SMART over 3 years or for 1,000,000 SMART over 5 years.

What is the future of PLCUX?

PLCUX can still be increased with existing farms. After that, swapping for SMART is necessary. One PLCUX is equivalent to 1,000,000 SMART with a swapping time of 3 years.

Do you have any questions about Platin World?

If you have any remaining questions, I recommend checking out my Ultima Farm review and the associated article series. Otherwise, I would be happy to receive comments with further questions. =)

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