SMART Blockchain – What is the SMART Coin?

Smart Coin und die Funktionen der SMART Blockchain

The SMART Blockchain was launched in March 2023. It is the core and mainnet of the Platinworld ecosystem, and also offers some interesting features for the market. In this article, I would like to summarize the most important information for you and provide an outlook on the SMART coin.

What is the SMART Blockchain?

The SMART Blockchain is a Tron-based, EVM-compatible blockchain that was launched in March 2023 by the operators of Platinworld. What is particularly interesting about this chain is that, according to the company, it can already boast a community of 1-2 million users. This is because all parts of the Platinworld/Platincoin ecosystem will be integrated into this chain, which has been growing rapidly since 2017 thanks to a promising referral system.

Previously, the project used a custom-built blockchain based on Litecoin, which no longer met the requirements and complexity of a far-reaching ecosystem.

A decentralized Blockchain, backed by a company. Does that make sense?

In the crypto world, there is a widespread belief that anonymity and decentralization are the keys to system change. While both arguments make a lot of sense, they often do not take regulators into account. Of course, the legendary Bitcoin is fantastic, the idea, the concept – unattainable. The same is true for many other chains that are proving their usefulness more and more. Precisely because the “mainstream” of the crypto market is moving in this direction, the SMART Blockchain is an exciting counterpoint that can also contribute to diversification.

The crypto market has reached a maturity and size where regulators are increasingly asking themselves how they can get their piece of the pie. Projects, chains, exchanges – they are all increasingly regulated and required to disclose their identities, finances, and reasons for their actions. And rightly so, since fraud cases like that of FTX are a striking example of the risks posed by the Wild West of Web3.

The company builds the framework for the Smart blockchain

I am a big advocate of freedom, but every game needs rules. And there has to be someone who negotiates with regulators, pays lawyers, and stands up for this freedom – something that is difficult to do as an anonymous group. Therefore, it makes sense to take a closer look at projects with a central component. In building the existing community, emphasis has always been placed on verification, so that the flow of money can be tracked cleanly.

Another reason is that crypto has forgotten some key elements of business. In many areas of Web3, it is frowned upon to pay referral commissions or even salaries to project leaders. This is one of the reasons why adoption is progressing so slowly. A company that operates with sound business principles and promotes growth can prove valuable not only for the individual project but for the entire market.

Either way, it is an alternative approach to the market average and is worth a look. Let’s take a look at the coin next.

What ist the SMART Coin?

The SMART Blockchain’s native coin is primarily used as a gas token, which means that whenever a transaction occurs, the coin is needed to pay the fee. This reduces the coin’s supply (through coin burning), and the more the chain is used as a whole, the more desirable the coin becomes. There have also been indications of a governance function, which means that coin holders can participate in voting and influence the chain’s decisions.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the existing community of the Platinworld ecosystem is moving to the SMART Blockchain, and thus also into the coin. The only way to obtain this coin is by exchanging one of the previous tokens of the ecosystem. Similar to vesting in an ICO, these swaps into SMART require 3 or 5 years, which is market-standard. The payout is kept low in the first few years, and the rest comes after the deadline.

This gives the chain time to establish itself and create liquidity, and in the early phase, it supports the $SMART with a low supply and correspondingly little selling pressure. Of course, the $SMART can also be purchased on exchanges once listings occur or the in-house exchange, UltimEX, launches.

The Platinworld ecosystem and the $SMART

It is important to understand that $SMART is not directly influenced by Platinworld or its distribution system. As a gas token, it is separate and not subject to being multiplied as part of the distribution system or anything of the sort.

However, $SMART does benefit from the growth of various projects. It is used regardless of which project is in focus. It is advisable for $SMART holders to register with Platinworld to learn about and use the various projects for cashback, travel vouchers, discounts, and token farming wie the Ultima Farm. There are various ways to save money or contribute to the growth of the chain and platforms through active referrals, which are rewarded through a referral program.

As an EVM-compatible chain, it is possible to integrate further protocols, projects, or ecosystems, which will benefit $SMART in any case and make it less dependent on “one” ecosystem from which it originally came.

How to buy the Smart Coin?

At this point, let it be said: we are talking about crypto here. And wherever enormous profits lure, there is always a total loss risk involved. Always do your own research and never invest more money than you are willing to lose. A long-term horizon of 3-5 years has already helped many crypto holders to turn supposed losses into profits.

With that being said, let’s talk about ways to get into the SMART Coin:

Path 1: Swap old tokens of the Platinworld Ecosystem into SMART

To follow this path, you first need to register for free with Platinworld. Next, you will need to look at the exchange ratio of the following tokens depending on the exchange period:

An exchange rate of 0.1 USD per SMART Coin is assumed.

Token$ Basis at 3/5 yearsAmount of $SMART at a 3y exchangeAmount of $SMART at a 5y exchange
Platincoin2$ / 5$20 50
PLC Ultima50.000$ / 100.000$500.0001.000.000
PLC Ultima Classic10.000$ / 20.000$100.000200.000
PLC Ultima X100.000$1.000.000/
The table shows the fixed exchange rates of PLC altcoins into $SMART. The prices of all tokens can vary in the market and are expected to deviate from the assumed base values. Changes are possible in this preparatory phase, so no guarantee is given. What is communicated on the pages of Platinworld applies.

While the $ basis for the exchange is fixed, token prices are variable, which offers very interesting opportunities.

Check the current prices on Coinmarketcap and decide which ratio is best for you. Then buy the token with the best ratio for you on an exchange – you can find the available exchanges listed on Coinmarketcap.

The next step takes place on the Platinworld website. Choose the exchange period, send your tokens, and you’re done.

Since we are scheduled to start swapping on 01.04., we still have a few days before the corresponding tools are released.

If you found this article helpful so far but would like to be properly supported from the beginning, then register with Platinworld through my link so that I can assist you with advice and action.

Path 2: Buy the $SMART at the ULTIMEX Exchange

With the launch of the Smart Blockchain, the Ultimex Exchange will also start, on which the $Smart will be listed from the beginning. Once the exchange is public, I will provide an overview.

Wrapping it up, exciting times ahead!

Good things come to those who wait. The SMART blockchain has a lot of potential, and I’m excited to see how it will develop in the coming months and years. For the Platinworld community, this is a huge step towards decentralization and offers opportunities for those who want to take their referral business to a new level. But even for pure speculators who don’t operate a network, SMART and swapping offer interesting possibilities, especially since it can convince skeptics who are detached from the network.

If you want to convince yourself and stay up to date with all the updates, sign up here to stay up to date on the SMART blockchain.

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