Ultima Token Review – 1 Million $ per Token – legit Vision or Scam?

Ultima Token vor fallenden Split Token. Schriftzug: Was ist der Ultima Token?

The Ultima token and the associated Defi U project are promoting the grand vision of becoming the first million-dollar token. In this article, I will shed some light on what exactly the Ultima cryptocurrency is. We will then discuss whether the million dollar dream is just that – a dream, or mathematically possible.

Ultima – risk and opportunity

Before we go any further, please note the following: All cryptocurrency trading involves risk. Despite the fantastic opportunities and impressive developments in recent years, many people are losing money in this market. The main reason for this is emotion. Many people, for instance, bought bitcoin at a high of 17,000 in 2017. Consequently they sold in frustration at 8,000 or less in 2018/2019 (low was 3,000). Those who act emotionally still manage it to lose money on the best performing asset of the world.

So put your emotions aside and never use more money than you are prepared to lose. In addition, don’t take anything you read on the internet, including this article, as financial advice. It is part of your own research, which you should always do. The greatest opportunity in crypto, and the greatest risk, is radical responsibility for your actions.

Having said that, let’s move on to Ultima and Defiu.

Ultima token Review – First overview

The Ultima is an innovative crypto system in which the entire community contributes to the constant scarcity of the token. The resulting hyper-deflation means that the supply on the market is constantly decreasing. At the same time, a sophisticated ecosystem offers a range of benefits and discounts to users. In other words the demand should increase over time.

If you want to produce Ultima yourself, you can register for free at Defi-U.

Background on the Ultima Token

The project behind the Ultima is based on seven years of experience. This means that it can rely on tested and proven strategies and systems. At the same time, there have been many ways that have not worked in the past. This is important because every start-up has to survive teething troubles, and it is like winning the lottery to hit the jackpot with your first idea.

One of the mistakes that many projects make is the inflationary creation of coins. More community = more coins. This was also the case with Ultima’s predecessor. The PLC Ultima experience showed that the ecosystem is capable of growing a coin from 10 cents to as much as $100,000. At the same time, however, the aforementioned inflation has brought the PLC Ultima coin to its knees. As a result, Ultima is focused on learning from its past and radically reducing the token supply as the community grows.

How the project deals with its past is also very important in this context. In the crypto market, it is quite common for failed projects to simply shut down, leaving the community empty-handed. It is too easy to just open something new and start over.

Reviewing the Situation of the PLC Ultima coin

PLC Ultima was different, because they found a way to take the old community with them and still come out on top. I have never seen anything like this in my 8 years of crypto experience and it is one of the reasons why I looked at the project very closely.

There will be new opportunities and also gifts for this existing community from time to time, the first step to receive them is to register for free on DefiU.

As you can see, I’m taking a critical look at the topic, as I used to belong to this old community myself. After a 3 year break, during which I learned more about ecosystems, compliance and Defi, I was very surprised by the positive development of the project. I am even more excited today, not because of any marketing, but because of the mathematics behind it, which we will now discuss.

Ultima Token – Tokenomics

When we look at a token, we always look at the hard numbers first. How many tokens are there? How are they produced? Is there a cap?
Bitcoin’s recipe for success was that there would be a maximum of 21 million BTC. There are about 19 million in circulation and 900 BTC are added every day by miners. At some point in April 2024, during the so-called halving, this number will be reduced to 450 BTC. The supply decreases while the demand remains the same – after all, some people were buying up the 900 BTC every day before. The result of this halving every three to four years is the following pattern:

Ultima Token Review - The Bitcoin Chart divided into 4 chapters, based on the halving cycle

As you can see, halving is a powerful tool for generating regular and predictable growth. The problem, as mentioned at the beginning, is that people usually buy at the top and then don’t have the patience for four years.

In fact, over 90% of BTC buyers lose money because they either need money or lose patience at some point before the next halving.

For this reason, the Ultima has adopted the concept of halving, but it happens every year, so it could evolve faster. The rest of tokenomics is also designed with this in mind. Proven models from bitcoin are adopted and only minimal adjustments are made.

How Scarce is the Ultima Token?

The Ultima community is smaller, so there are only 100,000 Ultimas instead of 21 million. Instead of 900 BTC per day, 25.92 Ultima tokens will be issued to Defi-U users every day. At the next halving in February 2025, this amount will be reduced to 12.96 Ultima, after which there will be an annual halving until only 1 Ultima per day is permanently put on the market in 2028. According to Coinmarketcap, there are 15,339 Ultimas in circulation at the time of writing. Of these, around 8,500 are earmarked for specific purposes, meaning that just under 7,000 are actually in circulation.

It should be noted that the supply in circulation is verified by Coinmarketcap. This means that the project has been thoroughly checked by the CMC team before being given the blue tick. This is important because many projects never reach this point and therefore the real supply is always questionable.

The fact is that ordinary people can no longer afford to mine bitcoin. To mine profitably, you need huge warehouses full of hardware and cooling systems. This consumes massive amounts of electricity and the hardware is replaced every few months to years.

The Ultima, on the other hand, is accessible to anyone with €220 and an account with Defi-U. The tokens are produced digitally, so there are no energy or waste issues.

Bitcoin is great because it is limited. Ultima increases this by making the limited number of tokens increasingly scarce – creating hyper-deflation. I will now show you how this key difference works.

Hyperdeflation through Ultima Splitting on DefiU

In recent years, tens of billions have been spent on bitcoin mining hardware. Now Defi U poses a provocative question: How much would bitcoin be worth if, for every euro spent on mining, one euro in bitcoin was bought and locked away forever?
The answer is not really easy to calculate. But if you consider that a few tens of millions is enough to move the price in the long term, it is clear that we are talking about completely new dimensions. The amount of locked away Coins would be extremely deflationary.

This is exactly the approach taken by the Ultima crypto system.

If you want to produce Ultima, you first register for free at Defi-U.

Then you buy a split contract. This blockchain contract has two components:

One for the licence. This is the money that would go into bitcoin mining equipment. Because licences have lower production costs, this money can be used to build more community and the ecosystem.

And one for the contract. With this step, you put Ultima into a so-called Delegated Liquidity Pool (DLP). An awkward word, I know! 🙂
Basically, this is a pot that belongs to the blockchain, holding the tokens for up to 140 years and never letlting them out. The beauty of this is that it is not an advertising promise or a matter of trust, but is decentralised on the blockchain. It is therefore publicly verifiable, unchangeable and therefore set in stone.

This step means that tokens are effectively permanently removed from the market (over our lifetimes).

The ultimate token is hyper-deflationary

It is also this DLP that pays out just under 26 Ultima to system participants every day. No matter how many participants there are, the number will never increase. At the same time, each new DefiU member makes the token scarcer by joining.

You can buy a split token for as little as €220. A full token costs €2200, but you can also buy a tenth. This is your proof of participation. You keep it in your wallet on your smartphone and can now collect your rewards every 24 hours – at the touch of a button. And technically, forever – as long as the blockchain is running.

You can easily calculate your rewards with the Ultima Splitting Calculator.

You can then immediately sell these profits freely on one of the exchanges, use them in the ecosystem to buy more cheaply, or use them to build up a larger stock of splits. Of course, you can also hold the Ultima and speculate on a rising price.

Production of the Ultima token – a calculation example

You can then immediately sell these profits on one of the exchanges, use them in the ecosystem to buy cheaper, or use them to build up a larger stock of splits. Of course, you can also hold the Ultima and speculate on a rising price.

Production of the Ultima token – a calculation example

At the time of writing, there are 21,400 Splits. There are 25.92 Ultimas in circulation (26 is just easier to write and explain). The exact calculation of the reward per day today is therefore: 25.92 Ultima / 21,400 splits = 0.0012112 Ultima per split. At today’s price of around $6000, this gives me $7.26 per split, or $217 over 30 days. I bought this split for 2200€.

So that you don’t have to rely on old data, take a look at the Ultima Calculator and calculate it directly with your personal budget. This is what it looks like:

Ultima Token from Splitting - DefiU Calculator with Example calculation

Of course, this is not a promise for the future, but a snapshot. As new members join, the number of splits will increase and your nominal reward in Ultima will decrease. But now comes the really exciting part!

A little bit of maths follows. As I said, it’s not a guarantee, it’s not a promise, it’s just a theoretical consideration. I could be wrong, and you’re welcome to check the maths and point out where I’m wrong in the comments.

For the splits to double and my Ultima reward to halve, another €2200*21,400 per contract would have to be locked away. That’s €47 million. At today’s price, that’s 7864 Ultima. That would be over 50% of all Ultima in circulation that would disappear in this way.

UIltima Coin Review

This means that a large proportion of the supply would have to be taken off the market to achieve a significantly lower yield in Ultima coins. – What this means for the price should be obvious. My experience with these Ultima splits over the past 6 months is that after a short period of time, a balance is reached and the daily Ultima is quite stable.

In short, the scarcity strategy kicks in at some point and works to the benefit of everyone involved. I am very curious to see if my theory will hold up in practice.

And let’s put the maths aside for a moment. Even if I was paid $5 a day. I would be more than grateful, considering that I only spent €2200 on the Ultima Defi.
If you want to bake smaller rolls, you can also try it for 220€ for 0.1 split and get a tenth of that.

Ultima Coin, Ultima Token – what are they called now?

Now that we’ve done a lot of maths, I’d like to clarify the terminology for you. The Ultima Token is the heart of the Defi-U system. You use it to pay for quests and to receive your rewards in Ultima. In the Ultima ecosystem, you receive a number of benefits for using Ultima, which I will discuss below.

The Split Token is your certificate of participation. You put it in your wallet and don’t move it. In return, you can press the Rewards button once a day. As it is a moveable token, you can theoretically pass it on, give it away or sell it if you no longer feel like it.
Very exciting: In community building, no one has to believe the seller. A split can simply be sent out for testing, so that any doubters can see on their own mobile phones that it works. In a market that is often very complex, this is a novelty, because once you have experienced it yourself, there are no more questions.

Of course, you can also just use the Ultima Farm Calculator to see what the current results are.

Why do we call them tokens instead of Ultima coins? Quite simply, a coin has its own blockchain, whereas a token runs on a blockchain. Ultima and Split use the Smart Blockchain. The smart coin is the gas token. This means that every transaction in Smart requires a fee. For this reason, I would initially budget about 10-20% of your budget for smart fees.

The Ultima Token ecosystem

We have talked a lot about how the Ultima Token comes into the world through DefiU splitting. This type of construction already has massive deflation built in. But all this beautiful mathematics is useless without a tangible benefit.

For this reason, an ecosystem has been under construction for the past 7 years to provide the vital link to the real economy. Most projects talk about possible applications, but take a long time to deliver. For example, 5 years ago I got involved in tokens that promised me a self-refilling fridge, verifiable brand labels or self-paying self-driving cars.

The crypto market is a market of idea giants and implementation dwarves. So it is very refreshing to see what has already been delivered with the PLCU. Consequently, all these systems now just need to be integrated into the new system step by step. This delivery of real value is what drove the PLCU from 10 cents to over $100,000 – with way more Supply! Now, when we combine a scarce, deflationary creation with this real value, it gets really exciting.

We are in the very early stages of the Ultima ecosystem. In due course, I’ll be highlighting all of the projects being rolled out here with a full article. Take this list as a preview of much of what’s been done, and more to come.

The Ultima Debit Card

One of the biggest hurdles for crypto users is the ease of withdrawing coins and tokens.Not everyone is comfortable using exchanges, and the traditional banking system looks askance at every incoming transfer.The simple solution is debit cards. You load them with crypto and pay as usual in the shop.

In the nature of things, a lot of debit cards come and go. Even the biggest exchange, Binance, announced at the end of December that it was discontinuing my beloved card because it couldn’t get the licence to operate it.A project that can issue its own card cleanly in a market where debit cards are dying like flies will definitely be one of the winners.Of course, such cards are not limited to Ultima, but are also open to other cryptocurrencies, so there is a corresponding advertising effect here as well.

Crypto debit cards are a game of musical chairs. The only question is who has the last chair 🙂

The Binance card mentioned above offered cash back for holding the exchange token. Such mechanisms can be used to fuel token scarcity.

The Ultima Debit Card in question is available worldwide and works perfectly for me.

Ultima Vouchers

The promptly announced Ultima Vouchers worked wonderfully with the predecessor. I particularly liked the ability to load the card with vouchers, which meant I could get a discount or cashback on all my everyday purchases. The current card also offers the opportunity to load up to 50% cashback in Ultima.

A free registration with Ultima Cashback is required to receive these vouchers.

The Ultima Hardware Wallet

One of the most important aspects of owning cryptocurrencies is secure storage. Just as a mobile wallet is like a purse, a hardware wallet is like a safe. It’s like a USB flash drive that you keep in a safe and only take out when you want to move your assets. Without it, no one can access your coins. The market for hardware wallets is small, and support for smaller projects is often meagre. With good implementation, market share can be gained and real benefits created.

Ultimex Exchange – the central exchange for the smart blockchain

There are many exchanges and they all work with many different blockchains. Most have their own exchange token. Exchanges are a successful model, and exchange tokens are often winners because they offer real value and rebates/cashbacks for holding them.

What rarely exists in this form, however, is an exchange that was firmly planned when a blockchain was created. Projects that play on the smart blockchain will not be able to avoid the Ultimex, and so the Ultima token is automatically in pole position as an exchange token with the growth of the blockchain and can experience corresponding demand.

Ultima copy trading

I am not a fan of copy trading. Nevertheless, it is a booming market where some people make a lot of money. Copy trading means that someone who knows how to trade is doing it, and you are participating for a fee and making a profit. Obviously it makes sense to set up such a service on the exchange – it brings more volume to the exchange and, if it performs well, attracts more users. At the same time, a possible settlement in Ultima will create a shortage, because the more hands that own and actively use Ultima, the fewer will be sitting somewhere on the exchange for sale.

Ultima Travel

Nowhere is the idea of a buying community more evident than in the vision of a travel platform. Large contingents of travel are bought up by agencies every day at ridiculously low prices and passed on to the end customer with a mark-up. Giving a hefty discount for using Ultima on flights, hotels or experiences is plausible and I look forward to seeing the implementation and the offer.
If thought through to its logical conclusion, there is also the potential to expand the debit card into a travel credit card, but as things stand today, this is more speculation on my part than anything else.

Ultima games

The urge to gamble should not be absent from crypto.Imagine a casino where you don’t burn your money, but lock it away for a few months to play.This reduces the Ultima and makes it all the more fun when the gambled money comes back over time.

Ultima Marketplace

The Ultima community consists of 2.8 million people, many of them entrepreneurs and freelancers.Throughout the project’s history, trading with each other has often been a goal or a way of life, giving the token a further connection to the real world.

Ultima crowdfunding with Ultima Hero

Last but not least, an exciting topic with great leverage.Crowdfunding platforms are becoming increasingly popular for financing projects, realising ideas or raising money for charity.If I get Ultimas flowing into my wallet every day for the next 100 years, what could be more natural than to use them to do good in the world and support bright minds or vital aid?
I know many participants in the Ultima system who have been preparing their projects for a long time and are very much looking forward to using Ultima Crowdfunding.

Ultima Business: Building a Business with the Ultima Coin

Blockchain is changing the world, just like the internet or smartphones once did. In my opinion, someone who doesn’t have a wallet in 10 years will look like someone who doesn’t have a smartphone today.
And while businesses, governments and other institutions are already jumping on board on a massive scale (for example, 49 of the top 100 companies are already using blockchain), relatively little of this is reaching ordinary users.The reason for this is that many crypto projects are very averse to the topic of marketing/sales.They think that the best technology will automatically be used.

Ultima, on the other hand, clearly understands that rapid community development is only possible through effective marketing. That’s why you’ll receive additional splits for recommending Ultima, which will produce Ultima for you every day.There are no further obligations or fees, and you can try it out at your leisure.
You will have a referral link by default, and your contact person in the system will help you if you want to find out more.

The first step is to register for free with Ultima Business.

Ultima Business Review

Unlike many coin projects that only benefit the advertiser, Ultima Business is an ethical project that puts the customer first. As someone who promotes and recommends the project, I do not earn a commission, but share the profits with the customer.

If the plan works and the customers are happy, then so are the distributors.Because both get their Ultima and the benefits that come with it in the same way – through the splits and a successful ecosystem.
So if you can’t afford enough splits, you can earn your way into the daily token reward by receiving business splits as a commission. These work in exactly the same way as the Golden Customer Splits, but are not for sale. My personal Ultima Business experience with the project and the team goes back 7 years, and I have always been treated fairly.The ingenious move to reward splits means that referrers benefit not only from promoting the splits, but also from using the entire ecosystem.This means that those who not only sign up new customers, but also look after them and help them get the most out of the system, also benefit.

Lifetime rewards as a thank you for community building

Thanks to the lifelong concept of splits, you build up something once and can enjoy your splits and the ultimate tokens that tumble out for the next five, ten or even fifty years.

As soon as you have a share of €220, you can start sharing your Ultima experience with others.

Whether you’re a customer or a referrer, I’ve prepared a number of tools that I’m happy to put at your disposal. Video tutorials, marketing material and a group to share ideas.

If you would like this, simply use the sign up links on this page and get in touch with your personal contact. You can find them in the Team section of your Ultima Business account.

Influence of the Smart Coin Community

I described at the beginning of this article how the project wants to take the users of the old tokens with it and make a profit out of it. This is done by exchanging all legacy tokens for the Smart Coin, making the legacy community the sole supplier of this important gas coin in the Ultima system.
As a result, a community of 2.8 million people has come off the sidelines of the 7-month-old Ultima project and is gradually joining the project – I myself am a living example. The more community the better, so this is another little joker that no other project can fall back on. The company is currently preparing gifts for this old community.
All that is required is a free registration with DefiU.

Deflation to $1 million per token – is that realistic?

First of all, it should be said that the goal with Ultima should not be to buy it and hold it until some externally set mark. If the price rises to a life-changing level for you, it is your sole responsibility to pull the ripcord in time – no matter what else might happen.

My strategy is also to secure a steady flow of Ultima through sufficient splits, as this can pay me for the next 100 years.
But now to the question: We have a deflationary creation mechanism with fast halving and permanent locking of coins, combined with an ecosystem that has already led one token to massive multiplication.But is that enough to make each Ultima Token worth $1 million?

Ultima Coin market cap as a calculation example

You can find market caps on Coinmarketcap. These are calculated as follows

Token price x number of tokens = market cap

Most projects have low prices and many tokens.Ultima has few tokens and wants a high price. So instead of looking at the price, we need to look at the market cap as a fair measure.

The best way to check the plausibility of the vision is to look at what has worked for others in the past.An example of an existing ecosystem (with far fewer projects in the pipeline) is Binance with its BNB token. This has a market capitalisation of 85 billion.The calculation is 150 million BNB (tokens) * $568 price = MRD 85.

I said at the beginning that we currently have 15339 Ultima on the market. Therefore, if you value them at $1 million we are at $15.3 billion. This means that if the Ultima achieves only a fifth of what Binance achieves with the current supply in circulation, a price of $1 million would be compelling.

Ultima Coin Review – Conclusion on the $1 million Ultima token

In terms of scale, a project with this level of capitalisation is possible and plausible. The Ultima token benefits from the negligible number of tokens.

Of course, only the future will tell how close the project comes to the dream of $1 million. Given the plan and the circumstances, I think it is a realistic, albeit long-term, goal. At the end of the day, a good plan always requires the right execution and a bit of luck.
Personally, I am enthusiastic about the project and will continue to do regular reviews of the Ultima Coin. Anyone who has signed up in the last 6 months has received their tokens on time every day.Together with the Ultima Cashback, this makes for a complete package that I personally wouldn’t want to miss.

Do you want to be part of it? Find out for yourself today and sign up to DefiU for free.

Grab my free Ultima support kit!

I know that all beginnings are difficult. Especially if you are new to crypto, the first steps can seem more complicated than they are. That’s why I’ve created step-by-step guides for the entire process. From depositing, to collecting your Ultima Rewards, to using the Ecosystem, you’ll find help here.
Just use the sign up links on this page and make sure you get in touch with your personal contact. You can find them in the Team section of your Ultima Business account.

I look forward to hearing about your Ultima experiences!

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