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Ultima Farm Review 2023 – The good and the bad

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Ultima Farm Erfahrungen

My Ultima Farm Review 2023 – With the launch of the new Ultima Token in April and the accompanying Ultima Farm, the Platinworld ecosystem is entering an exciting phase. The Smart-Chain and SMART Coin will launch, and Ultima will be the first token on this new blockchain. In this article, I will gather all the information about the Ultima Token and the associated Ultima Farms. I will also review my Ultima Farm experiences in 2023.

Here is a video review of my work with the Platinworld.

Platinworld Review of the MLM Opportunity - after 6 years!

What is Ultima?

The Ultima Token is a token on the new SMART-Chain, which launched in March 2023. It is the centerpiece of the Platinworld ecosystem and is used to participate in various cashback programs on platforms and receive attractive discounts on goods, services, travel, or daily purchases through a debit card.

Many of the aforementioned platforms have already been successfully rolled out in the past. Presumably in the second quarter, each platform will be migrated and released onto the SMART-Chain.

With a strong focus on user-friendliness, the Ultima Token is designed to enable newcomers to the cryptocurrency market to become producers of the Ultima Token with just a few clicks. This process is called Ultima Farming, an environmentally friendly process that allows people with no technical knowledge to generate tokens within minutes. This enables everyone to participate in this lucrative growth market.

The Platinworld ecosystem already has over 2 million users. If you didn’t join yet, do it here. It has been expanding and optimizing for over five years to create more and more ways to use the produced tokens. The reason for their rapid growth, which makes them a true big player in the crypto space, is the underlying referral marketing. Many coins have great technology, but no one talks about them. With Ultima, it’s different because every recommendation is not only good for the token but also provides compensation to the referrer. This plan is bearing fruit because with a growing community, more and more opportunities arise to provide even greater benefits to the community.

Before I delve into how an Ultima Farm works, where to obtain it, and my experiences with the technology, let’s take a look at the tokenomics and history behind the Ultima Coin.

Ultima Tokenomics

Tokenomics refer to the fundamental metrics of coins or tokens. Bitcoin stood out because it had a limited supply of coins (max 21 million, currently 19.3 million in circulation). This made it an alternative to fiat currency systems such as the dollar or the euro. The limited coins ensure that the created value is reflected in the price, without inflation that would diminish the value.

At the launch on April 1, 2023, 20,000 Ultima tokens were issued. The initial price was be $0.1. Through Ultima Farming, those who get involved early have the opportunity to multiply their Ultima tokens by a factor of up to 10x at the beginning.

The resulting Ultima tokens are limited to a maximum supply of 100.000 – in reality, this amount is expected to be lower, as not everyone typically reaches the maximum potential of their production capabilities. Additionally, tokens will be burned, which reduces the supply.

How strong is Ultima?

With an existing community of 2 million members, functioning cashback programs that make the Ultima token usable and add value, as well as a technologically advanced blockchain in the background, there can be expected to be a high demand for Ultima tokens in the short or long term, especially since all earnings from coin creation go to Ultima Farm users.

Now, there are many projects and companies with great ideas, but without success. A very important factor in judging the success or failure of a project is therefore the proof of concept. Only if a team is able to turn a vision into a real application is the idea worth anything. It needs customers who use and demand the product. Obviously, this proof of concept is given and convinced millions of people to register for free and discover the possibilities.

When I speak here of Ultima having projects in its background and offering simple technology, I am looking back at a company history of over 5 years and also at the predecessor of Ultima, about which I would like to give you some insights now. History does not repeat itself, but it can rhyme.

PLC Ultima Farm Review (PLCU Farm) – Retrospective

In early 2022, the Platincoin Ultima – PLCU was launched. With the same tokenomics (20,000 coins, 11 million max supply, 10 cent starting price) and an ecosystem in beta stage, it managed to climb to an all-time high of $113,579.24 within six months. This represents a growth of 11 million percent. Even with a later entry at around $10,000, many were able to observe a steep rise. And this in addition to the production of coins with the PLC Ultima Farm. Throughout the year, there were also steady improvements for the farm to enhance the user experience.

Platincoin Ultima Farm Review

Not every idea is perfect on the first try. The PLC Ultima Farm was designed to release all produced coins into the market within a year. Many operators of the farms were focused on quick profits and sold everything they produced. Hence, after the incredible result of $113,000 per coin was achieved, the math collapsed and the coin began a downward trend, further fueled by the general crypto crash which sent every coin into a crypto winter due to FTX and other black swan events.

The technology worked. The community doubled because everyone was enthusiastic. Those who joined, planned wisely could go home with big profits, as the farming speed still allowed for overproduction despite the falling curve. Projects for cashbacks and the in-house debit card were launched, demonstrating to the world how strong the ecosystem can be.

The proof of concept has been more than proven. And if lessons are learned from mistakes, while retaining strengths, the Ultima has a golden future ahead. This is based on a more stable, slower growth, including longer time frames to retain farm earnings and lower payouts. At the same time, the projects around the Ultima Coin are far beyond the beta phase and can support development with greater reliability than before.

Ultima Farm – Review and learn is key

The central question was how to repeat the success of PLC Ultima while reducing risks towards the end. Therefore, the collected experiences from PLC Ultima Farm were examined and mistakes were identified. The company communicated these mistakes to the community with surprising honesty. As a result, strategies were developed to do better next time. The outcome is the Ultima Farm.

Longterm Thinking over Shortsighted moves

If someone operated PLC Ultima Farming, they expected to receive all earnings after one year. However, those who operate the new Ultima Farming should expect a runtime of 4-5 years to receive the full yield. If everything goes well, a large portion of the earnings can also be obtained much earlier, but the basic planning is based on 4-5 years. The reason for this is explained in the next paragraph.

Shared responsibility over egocentric plays

There are a few golden rules in the crypto market.

Hold your coins for at least 3 years – Those who follow this rule have so far survived all crypto winters and have almost always been in the green.

You only lose if you sell at a loss. If the price is bad, hold until it is good again.

Always take your initial investment off the table as soon as possible, so that you’re playing with house money.

Regardless of which crypto projects you are involved in, I recommend noting and following these rules.

The PLCU Farm immediately released all earnings on a monthly basis. This allowed many people to break these rules and flood the market with coins – especially beginners who were tempted by panic selling due to various media reports.

For that reason in the Ultima Farm, these rules are built in, so even the greenest beginners are ensured to avoid the worst mistakes.

Beginners need protection and an easy usability, Ultima provides this, which is why a lot of people create an account and do their first steps in crypto in this ecosystem. Especially with the responsibility indicator, which enforces quite the same moves for everyone, no matter if skilled or not there are bumpers in place to navigate in a safe manner.

The responsibility indicator for the Ultima Farm

The so-called Responsibility Indicator is available for the entire community to ensure that everyone follows the rules. If the price is in a positive “green” range, everyone can use their earnings as they wish.

If the price is in a weak “yellow” range, everyone must freeze 50% of their earnings for 3.3 years. This means you can use or sell 50% immediately, and 50% will be released after 3.3 years.

By binding the entire community to this system, it protects the Ultima price and stabilizes it.

If the price falls into the danger zone, the “red” range, all earnings must be frozen for 3.3 years. This ensures that no new tokens enter the market until the situation stabilizes.

The first earnings are always in the green range so that newcomers can see that everything works and can minimize their risks.

This unique concept is a first for the entire cryptocurrency market and will demonstrate the strength of a community when it pulls together. It is also by far the most significant lever by which the Ultima Farm differs significantly from the PLC Ultima Farm.

The indicator is prominently displayed in your account, and only one or two clicks are needed from your side. Everything is optimized to make it easy for you.

Continuous Burning of Ultima

To drive scarcity even further, 40% of all earnings go into the so-called “Tcash”. You use this to buy farm extensions. These 40% are burned, which massively reduces the total supply of tokens. At the same time, you always have enough space in your Ultima Farm to send your earnings into a second round of farming. This is how you use the compounding effect, which is known as the 8th wonder of the world.

As you can see, the project has learned a lot from their PLC Ultima Farm Review to ensure that the Ultima Token is a complete success. If this sounds like you, make sure to register here for free. If the article was helpful to you and you would like to continue being informed and supported by me, make sure to use my link. I have put together a free package of helpful tips for everyone who registers through my link.

> Register now at Ultimafarm. <

In the next article, I will show you step-by-step how the Ultima Farm works and what you need to keep in mind. Also, there is a Step by Step guide on buying Ultima Farm here.

Now, what’s your opinion? Do you have questions, or want me to cover some topics in more detail? Share it in the comments!

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